Like oil and water, marketing and ethics don’t mix


“Ethics? We’ve heard of it” — Microsoft

“You know what Microsoft’s problem really is? They’ve lost the ability to feel ashamed.” — Pamela Jones

So it seems Microsoft has taken it upon themselves to “educate” Best Buy employees about the numerous “benefits” of Windows 7.

I’m not surprised Best Buy is going along with this.

I’m surprised they needed Microsoft’s help.

The thing is, back before I got my current job, I interviewed with Best Buy once (to be a sales floor associate). I think I know why I didn’t get the job. See, there was a question about how to help a customer secure their computer.

Any guesses why “well, let me tell you about these free tools” didn’t go over so well?

Best Buy’s priority (indeed, that of most corporations) is not the customer. It is to make money. Microsoft may be the most egregious (or at least the best known) example of putting profit before people, but they’re hardly alone. And so it is no surprise that Best Buy would lie to make a sale.

They don’t care about the customer, they don’t care about ethics, and they have absolutely no problem with dishonesty and even outright extortion. It’s all about the money for these people.

As far as what Microsoft is up to… Scott Adams hit the nail on the head.


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